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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Who is Pune's No 1 interior designer ?

Does Viona Interiors® provide furniture ?

  • Viona Interiors® offers customized furniture, false ceiling, electrical work, safety doors, painting,  on-site services & many more.

What is the minimum budget for Viona Interiors® ?


Is it wise to hire an interior designer ?


  • If you have affordable budget you should hire an interior designer from beginning of a project. It optimizes overall cost as you get all services from a single agency. It becomes hassle free work.

Do you save money with an interior designer ?

  • Gone are those days, hiring an interior designer was considered as a luxury service. It's also an investment in your project's success. There are so many considerations when renovating and decorating your home, so investing in working with a professional can actually save you money.

How long does Viona Interiors® take to deliver ?

  • It takes about TWO months* to complete interior work for 2BHK project post all designs finalization. However any change in design during execution will exceed agreed timelines which will be mutually agreed upon. (*T&c apply)

How much does 2BHK interior cost in Pune ?

  • If you have a 2BHK flat, the cost of interior design will be between 5 lacs* and 12 lacs* for essential quality. A premium home can cost anywhere from Rs. 10 lacs* to 16 Lac*. Cost included designing with premium material execution. (*T&c apply)

What are the common challenges while creating an interiors?

Completing interiors can be a complex process, and various challenges can arise along the way.

Limited Budget: Many clients have a limited budget for their interior design projects, which may restrict their choices in terms of materials and furnishings. Viona Interiors® can help by offering cost-effective alternatives, negotiating with suppliers for discounts, and providing guidance on where to allocate funds for maximum impact.

Lack of Time: Balancing work, family, and other responsibilities can leave homeowners with little time to dedicate to their interior design projects. Viona Interiors® can streamline the process by managing timelines effectively, coordinating with contractors and suppliers, and handling project logistics on behalf of the client.

Overwhelm with Choices: The vast array of materials, colours, patterns, and styles available in the market can overwhelm homeowners and make decision-making more challenging. Viona Interiors® helps to narrow down options based on the client's preferences, lifestyle, and budget, making the selection process more manageable and less stressful.

Mismatched Styles: Achieving a cohesive look for complete home can be difficult, especially when different family members have varying tastes and preferences. Viona Interiors® can help create a unified design concept that reflects the homeowner's vision while accommodating diverse preferences within the household.


Inadequate Space Planning: Poor space planning can result in inefficient space layouts, lack of functionality, and wasted space. Viona Interiors® understand client's needs and lifestyle, optimize spatial configurations, and maximize the use of available space through thoughtful design solutions.


Insufficient Lighting: Inadequate lighting affects the ambiance, mood, and functionality of interior spaces. Viona Interiors®  devise lighting plans that incorporate a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to enhance visibility, create atmosphere, and highlight architectural features and design elements.


Quality Concerns: Ensuring a good quality and durability of materials and furnishings is crucial for long-term satisfaction and performance. Viona Interiors® source high-quality products from reputable suppliers, conduct thorough inspections, and provide guidance on maintenance and care to preserve the integrity of the design.

By addressing these common challenges through strategic design solutions, expert guidance, and efficient project management, Viona Interiors® one of the best interior designers near you can help our clients achieve their desired aesthetic, functional, and budgetary goals while minimizing stress and maximizing value.

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