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Sneha Bansod - Founder Viona Interiors

Sneha Bansod


Sneha Bansod founded Viona Interiors® in 2017, which provides interior design, planning solutions and execution for both residential and commercial spaces. She is graduated from LAD college of Architecture, Nagpur and has over 19+ years of experience. Since the beginning of her career, Sneha has exceptional skills and knowledge in interior design.


Viona Interiors® is formed with the primary objective to create value, excellent detailed designs, on time execution and within budget delivery of projects. Viona's multidisciplinary teamwork on the principles of conscious design-cultural influences and a keen sensitivity towards the impact of the process on all stakeholders. Since then, there has been no looking back. She has worked on diverse assignments in terms of scale, topology, and design. She is one of the leading interior designers in ever dynamic market.

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